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A scout is helpful at All times. At Troop 308 it is our goal to prepare boys to become leaders in church, family, and our community. If you ask a scout the purpose of Scouting he is likely to tell you camping, earning merit badges, having fun, and gathering around the campfire. If you ask a trained adult leader you’ll likely hear things like character building, leadership, citizenship, fitness development, and service to others. The methods we use to encourage and reach these goals are the Scout Oath, Scout Law, boy led troop, patrol method, advancement, personal growth, leadership development, learning to work with trained adult advisors, and a uniform which everyone is equal and dresses the same except for what the scout earns. We do this in the setting of the great outdoors by teaching and living the ideals of the Boy Scouts of America.

Fees: We collect $50 in January, May and October ($150 annually). This covers the annual troop recharter fee, scout registration fees, required troop insurance, subscription to Boy’s Life magazine, merit badge books, badges, patches, awards, camping fees, troop equipment maintenance, etc.  What is not covered is our monthly weekend campout meals ($15), fuel expense for drivers if we travel much outside the Jefferson County area, and any other misc. costs. Summer Camp fees are additional and usually cost around $250 to $300. Optional High Adventure camps such has Northern Tier, Philmont, Sea Base and the Summit generally cost $800 to $1600 depending on the trip.

Fundraising: We participate in two council fundraising opportunities which are the Popcorn sale in the Fall and the Camp Card sale in the Spring. For the Popcorn sale troop earns 30% commission. For the Camp Card sale troop earns 50% of each $5 card sold. Our troop is open to other fundraising opportunities which would be presented to the Troop Committee for approval.

Parent Involvement: There are no strict rules about parent support of our troop program, but it is of critical importance that we have a large number of properly trained active adults. Both males and females are needed and welcome. This is what allows us to provide the best program for the scouts. Volunteers are needed as Assistant Scoutmasters, Troop Committee members, Merit Badge counselors, transportation volunteers, etc.  Note: It is said that 80% of Eagle Scouts had a parent at least somewhat involved in their troop.

Troop Committee: This committee, made up of adults and parents, handles finances and provides support for advancement, training, and the outdoor program. Our Troop 308 is chartered by St. Bernadette Catholic Church and is considered part of the church’s youth ministry and outreach to the community. Church membership is not required or expected for participation in our troop. Should you decide you are interested in learning more about the church feel free to speak with an adult leader.

Meetings: Our weekly Troop Meetings are held on Monday nights of the school year from 7:00pm to 8:30pm in the parish center at St. Bernadette. Scouts work on advancements, merit badges, and planning for their upcoming outdoor activities. The elected youth leaders direct the meeting. Trained adult leaders are available to assist.

Uniforms: Scouts are required to wear Class A uniform shirts to meetings and to bring on campouts. Scouts may wear Class B troop t-shirts or scouting related t-shirts on campouts. There will be times when a scout needs to be in complete Class A scout uniform such as Courts of Honor, Religious awards ceremonies and other special events. (This will include Class A shirt, olive green scout pants, scout belt, and scout socks.) Class A shirts should be kept up to date with current patches.

Rank Advancement & Awards: When a scout first joins the troop he earns the Scout rank. After Scout, he works on Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class. Although these ranks must be received in order, the requirements for any of the ranks can be worked on at any time. Our troop strongly encourages scouts to earn First Class in the first year of scouting. Scouts are encouraged to earn their particular Religious awards to grow in their faith. There are many awards a scout can earn: Totin’ Chip, Firem’n Chit, BSA lifeguard, Mile Swim, Scuba, Snorkeling, World Conservation, Recruiter, the 50 Miler, Life Saving awards etc. A list of awards is on pages 430-431 of the Scout Handbook.

Service Projects: Advancement requires completion of a certain number of hours on approved service projects. Our troop has many service project opportunities each year including building the Easter Vigil Fire, Parish festival, Flag placement at Zachary Taylor Cemetery, Scouting for Food, and more. Earning the rank of Eagle Scout requires that the scout thoroughly plans and executes an approved service project of his own. We make a point of supporting each Eagle candidate and ask that all scouts participate in these Eagle Scout Service Projects.

Outings: Our troop camps monthly. Details of outings are announced at Troop Meetings, posted on the troop website calendar and sent out through troop emails. Any needed permission slips are available at Troop Meetings. It is the responsibility of scouts in leadership positions to find a replacement to fill their position for any missed campouts. A frequently absent leader is simply not an effective leader. It is on outings that scouts have the most fun and learn their outdoor skills.

Menus & Shopping: At the Monday Troop Meeting before a weekend campout scouts will collect food money and plan their menus. An adult leader will approve the menu as containing the proper food groups noting any special dietary needs. Scouts will rotate the shopping duties. There are a couple things to consider for shopping. Scouts should know how much money they have and how many people they are shopping for. The scout should do the shopping (sometimes a little free parental advice is helpful). Follow the patrol’s menu plan. Control costs by purchasing store brands. Don’t worry. Since 1910 there have been no reported cases of scouts starving to death on a weekend campout.

Camping Gear: Our troop provides tents, dining shelter, patrol boxes, pots & pans, cooking utensils, cooking stoves, lanterns, camp tools and such. Each scout is required to take home troop gear to clean and dry out after each campout. It is the scout’s responsibility to return the gear to the Quartermaster at the following Troop Meeting. Please refer to our Weekend Camping Checklist for a list of personal gear needed for campouts.

Summer Activities: During the Summer months we meet at Middletown Manor Swim Club on Mondays from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Each year our troop attends a weeklong Summer Camp the first week of July. Summer Camp is vital to scout advancement. The camp runs Sunday through Saturday. We typically rotate going to different Summer Camps each year. Our troop also offers High Adventure trips for scouts once they meet age requirements and develop the necessary outdoor skills.

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