Sheltowee Trace

Laurel Boat Ramp to Cumberland Falls

This section of Sheltowee (10.8) merges with Moonbow trail #1 just past the restrooms at Laurel Boat Ramp. There are some nice camping sites along this section including Bark Camp Creek, Star Camp and Dog Slaughter Falls. The trail follows along between the Cumberland River and the large bluffs above crossing several creeks before reaching Cumberland Falls.
*Times listed are accumulative.

0.00 Trail head up the road just past the restrooms, trail leaves road to right and is now combined with Moonbow trail.

0.11 Bridge crossing, nice bluffs through this area.

0.17 Up to left is possible small campsite.

0.24 On right is nice large group campsite.

0.40 Trail climbs follows along between river and bluffs.

Rock Steps on Sheltowee Trail0.68 Trail levels out, flood plain to right, good rest stop.

0.83 Work your way through boulders.

1.09 Big rock house to left.

1.46 Cross stream.

1.51 Big rock house to left, see rapids to right.

1.75 Bark Creek, follow trail up and around, cross creek and back down to Bark Camp. Note: bridge is out and may be difficult to cross if high water is present. (*3 hr with stop)

2.82 Bark Camp shelter .25, Dog Slaughter 5.0, Cumberland Falls 8.0.

3.10 Spur trail to Bark Camp Shelter. Maybe one spot for tent, 6 to 7 in the shelter.

3.72 Trail is in bad shape.

4.48 Cross Devils Creek.

4.52 Spur trail to left, continue right as trail widens.

4.83 Logging road continues straight, makers lead right.

5.26 Pass though large boulders, this section is rocky.

5.92 Remains of boat, Star Camp. 2 miles to Dog Slaughter.

6.15 Cross foot bridge trail starts to climb steeply toward bluffs. This section continues up and down for .30 of a mile.

6.44 Campsites near large rock.

7.20 Cross foot bridge.

Bridge at Dog Slaughter Falls7.85 Campsite at dog Slaughter. (*6 hr with stop)

8.12 Dog Slaughter Falls, After crossing bridge (pictured right), sign posted 2.75 Cumberland Falls, 2.0 Star Camp, 5.0 Barkcamp, 8.0 Laurel Boat ramp. If you go up and left there is a small campsite, continuing past the campsite leads to Dog Slaughter Falls. ST continues to right of sign.

8.32 Cross bridge, nice campsite just beyond bridge.

8.58 Sandy beach, trail becomes more difficult.

8.81 Trail head Trail 2 goes left, straight Cumberland Falls 2.0 (*7.5 hr)

8.85 Climb steep steps.

9.17 Rock House trail to left. 0.5

9.53 Rock House trail again, trail continues up and down through some rock steps.

10.75 Wood steps lead to parking lot, Trail 1 leads to vista of falls and sandy beach area. (*9 hr with 2 stops)

10.80 Top of steps, sign indicates 5.0 to Star Shelter, 7.0 Bark Creek Camp, 10.00 to Hwy 1277, 13 Laurel Lake Dam. Continue right across small foot bridge. Cumberland Falls parking lot.

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Sheltowee Trace
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