Red River Gorge

Chimney Top Area

Rock Bridge

Rock Bridge is my favorite short day hike. The trail decsends into a hollow down to Rock Bridge where it spands Swift Creek. One of only a few in the world to do so. This partially paved trail is steep in places but is realitivly eash. The 1.4 mile loop takes about 1.5 hours. Toilets and picnic area are available, water is accessable in the summer months.

0.0 Rock Bridge Trail Head 207, paved trail leads to three sets of steeps cut into the sand stone.

0.1 Wooden bridges, after crossing last bridge small spur trail to right leads to small rock house.

0.2 Rock Bridge Branch to your left.

0.3 Bridge across Rock Bridge Branch

0.3.5 Bridge parellel the branch

Rock Bridge0.4 Old homestead, trail decsends to Creation Falls, a small waterfall on Rock Bridge Branch that spills into a plunge pool. Spur to the right leads to a nice view of the falls. Continue

0.4.5 Foot bridge, view of Rock Bridge

0.5 Rock Bridge, trail continues to right

0.6 Rock Bridge Trail 207 and Swift Camp Creek Trail 219, junction, continue left.

0.7 Trail climbs steedily with some small steeps cut into the sandstone.

0.8 Overlook

1.0 Rock Bridge Parking area

 Chimney Top Rock

Chimney Top overlook has a beautiful view of Half Moon Rock and the lower gorge area. The short .3 mile round trip trail is paved with a wood handrail overlook. The walk is an easy 15 minute walk to the overlook from the Chimney Top parking area. Chimney Top is about 200' high and 600' above Red River.

Princess Arch

Princess Arch is an interesting and easily accessible arch located about .2 miles from the Chimney Top parking area. Princes Arch is 32' long by 8' tall this easy hike takes about 30 minutes round trip. Trail begins to the right of the parking area. The trail takes you to the top of the arch.Half Moon

 Half Moon Arch

This short 5 minute unmarked trail begins on the left side of Chimney Top Rock Road about 3.4 miles form KY 715. A sign that reads "Primitive Camp site #4" marks the beginning of the trail, which is directly across the road at the top of a sandy red colored bank. Follow the trail along the ridge top. It drops down and then levels off. Further on it drops again then narrows as you accend the ridge. After a small dip in the trail, the trail leaves the ridge top and works its way down the left side of the ridge. Half Moon Arch is 8' long by 6' tall.

 Sky Bridge

Sky BridgeOne of the most freqented sites in Red River Gorge. Expect to Sunday Church goers and weekend tourists. As busy as the area is, Sky Bridge is impressive in its size and span. Sky Bridge has two connected openings, the first is 9' long by 6' high, the second larger opeing is 73' by 23' high. The hike to Sky Bridge is short and easy. If you choose the loop trail which takes you below the arch, you have to climb a 77 step stair case.

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Red River Gorge
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Getting There

The Red River Gorge is located in Kentucky inside the Daniel Boone National Forest. To get there, take the Mountain Parkway to the Slade, KY exit. At the bottom of the exit ramp turn left to proceed to Red River Gorge. Turning right at the bottom of the exit ramp takes you to the Natural Bridge Information Center. (Right-Camping at Tunnel Ridge Road.)

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